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Burglar takes valuables from home in Fresno
June 03, 2024

Where To Store Valuables In Your Fresno Property

Would you like to determine a better location to conceal your ready cash and pricey jewelry? It’s convenient to have easy access to items like money and your favorite diamond necklace, but you shouldn’t leave them out in plain view. See where to store valuables in your Fresno home and how you may keep intruders away in the first place with a modern home security system.

Smart Hiding Spots For Your Personal Treasures

Refrain from the obvious and employ some creativity when storing your valuable effects within your home. Even though a difficult-to-crack safe is always a good idea, you will frequently want faster, simpler access to your loose money and jewelry or other items. Here are serveral options.

  • Hiding in plain sight. Clever book safes in an office, empty coffee cans in the pantry, and fake cleaning supply containers under the bathroom sink all function as effective, unexpected places for valuables. Just make certain what you utilize doesn’t look out of place, like having only one book on a bookcase shelf.
  • Boxes with mundane labels mingled together with others. What are the odds a thief is going to sort through several boxes in your garage with labels such as “Kids Projects,” “Christmas Ornaments,” or “Old Clothes.” Remember, they wish to leave your house in a hurry. You may even stow them in your youngster’s bedroom closet, which invaders are more likely to stay out of.
  • Drawers with false bottoms. You can purchase them pre-made or construct one by yourself. It’s an easy way to introduce a little bit of hidden space.

A hefty, bolted-down floor safe is a smart possibility if you have valuables you don’t need to access instantly or regularly. Burglars could think to look there, but they aren’t going to take much time attempting to remove or open it, particularly if they detect a home security alarm blaring.

What Are Some Areas To Steer Clear Of?

Don’t make it easy for intruders. Ensure valuables aren’t out in the open, and avoid placing them in these common areas:

  • Expected sites like your desk drawer, underwear drawer, nightstand, and jewelry box.
  • CD and DVD cases. Irregardless of your proclivities in music and movies, these objects are simple to snatch, and will probably be taken.
  • Cookie jar. If you tend stash cash in this common location, find a less familiar spot. It only takes a burglar a split second to snag it.
  • Locked filing cabinet. Let’s face it: file cabinet locks are defeated swiftly with the right tools. You’re smarter to store your passports and other critical documents in a more secure place.
  • Improperly secured wall safe. Some wall safes could be swiftly removed by slicing through drywall and hauled away to be unlatched later. Ensure it’s securely bolted, or choose a heftier floor safe.

Discourage Thieves With A New Home Security System In Fresno

Why not keep invaders out of your Fresno residence in the first place with an innovative home security system? If criminals are inspecting an area and see surveillance equipment, a video doorbell, and home security signs, they’ll in all likelihood move on to an easier target. If they do attempt to intrude, your entryway sensors and motion sensors will trigger your alarm, warning you and your 24-7 monitoring agents.

Contact Secure24 Alarm Systems To Get The Best Security In Fresno

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